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Key Features

List of key features of the BORWA GROUT PUMP:

  • Lightweight
    The pump is designed to be light in weight, approximately 8Kg, allowing for easy use and mobility.
  • Robust and simplistic design
    The pump is designed to be both versatile and durable.
  • Easy to operate
    The simplistic and user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to operate, compared to the conventional pump.
  • Low purchase cost
    The pump is very competitively priced, with an even more competitive life-cycle cost.
  • Less spillage and more flow controllable
    The pump has better flow control, which mitigates spillage and errors in the grouting process.

Product Description

The Borwa Grout Pump is a mechanical type grout pump that operates with a pneumatic hand control valve. The Grout Pump is used to pump grout, in liquid form, into roof bolt cavities in order to stabilise them. The Borwa Pump is a robust and easy-to-use design. The Borwa Grout Pump is operated via a control valve system, and is connected to a retractable pneumatic cylinder, which eradicates the need for heavy duty hand pumping. The Borwa Grout Pump is available in two designs, namely
  • The Borwa Horizontal Pump system; and
  • Borwa Vertical Pump system.
The practical benefits of using the Borwa Grout Pump are significant, and include:
  • The operator no longer has to carry around a heavy tool;
  • Very little training is required;
  • Manual pumping is no longer required;
  • The stability of the grout flow is ensured, which prevents unnecessary spillage and do-overs, saving both time and money.
Bolting has become a critical component of the mining process today, as it not only improves safety but also allows for greater productivity. A critical phase of this bolting process is the pumping of grout into hang walls, for purposes of wall stability. The Borwa Grout Pump makes sure this process is done in the most efficient manner, making it a viable financial investment.