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Key Features

List of key features of the BORWA T-STAND:

  • Safety
    Safe and easy to operate, with very little training required.
  • Noise Levels
    Lower noise levels as it is operated remotely at a safe distance, thus reducing the probability of impairment to hearing.
  • Customisable
    Adaptable to customer requirements.
  • Cost Effective
    Cost effective and easy to repair.
  • Reliability
    There are less moving parts due to its simplistic design, which reduces the probability of damage thus making maintenance holistically more affordable.
  • Reach
    The T-Stand offers versatility to its user, in that it is able to drill effectively into hang walls that range from 1,5m to 3,5m.
  • Best Application
    In medium to high areas, with stable ground.

Product Description

The T-Stand is a versatile and dependable drilling rig, based on a trolley design that promotes mobility and stability when bolting. The trolley-type design from an operator's perspective makes the bolting process far easier and more efficient in multitude of ways. The simple yet unique design allows for greater safety, efficiency and lower maintenance. The T-Stand is best suited for higher areas with smooth footwall conditions.

The T-Stand is based on the loading trolley concept, and is fitted with large heavy duty wheels to ensure ease of movement. It comes standard with an anchor leg that is fully customisable and adaptable to a range of heights. The loading trolley concept of the T-Stand makes it easy for the operator to manoeuvre the rig without the need to physically carry the drilling equipment. This stand can be operated in areas between 1,5m and 3,5m.

Bolting has become a critical component of the mining process today, as it not only improves safety but it also allows for greater productivity. The T-stand increases the level of safety underground, with its easy-to-use remotely operated controls that allow the operator to drill from a safe distance, thereby reducing both the probability of an injury and the exposure to noise. The T-Stand has the added benefit of versatility and mobility because it is designed to be sturdy and transportable.

The T-Stand was designed to be a reliable and multipurpose tool. Its unique design allows for both a competitive selling price and an economical life cycle, which is an often overlooked facet of mining machinery.

The T-Stand is an investment that promises greater performance and financial yield, because of its multifaceted application and dependability.