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Key Features

List of key features of the BORWA TRIPOD STAND:

  • Safety
    Improves safety in the workplace by using remote controls to operate the system which places the operator at a safe distance.
  • Basic Design
    The Tripod Stand is intended to be a user-friendly tool, which makes it easier for the operator to place, set-up and operate.
  • Light and Strong
    The Tripod Stand is structurally well-designed, and provides a light enough structure to be handled with ease.
  • Cost Effective and Safe
    The Tripod Stand is a practical and safety enhancing tool, as it is both fit-for-purpose and cost effective.
  • Adaptability
    Adaptable to suit various applications.
  • Easy to Operate
    The Tripod Stand was designed with the end-user in mind; incorporating both design simplicity and ease of use.
  • Best Application
    In low to medium areas, where the ground is unstable.

Product Description

The Tripod Stand has been specially designed for stoping and bolting in small, low and confined areas. The lightweight, yet strong design makes it possible for the operator to drill and bolt hang walls safely and efficiently. More importantly, it is remotely operated, which decreases the risk of injury to the operator. The Tripod Stand can be adapted and built to customer specifications.

The rationale behind the Tripod Stand was to create a viable solution to bolting and stoping in difficult, low working areas, where manoeuvrability and lack of space is a factor. The tripod has three large legs to ensure maximum stability and placement because the operator often faces uneven footwall conditions that compromise both his safety and efficiency. The Tripod Stand will work effectively from heights of 0,5m to 2m. Wheels and anchor legs can also be fitted if the end-user requires added mobility.

Bolting has become a critical component of the mining process today, as it not only improves safety but also allows for greater productivity. The Tripod Stand increases the level of safety underground, with its easy-to-use remotely operated controls that allow the operator to drill from a safe distance, which reduces both the probability of an injury and exposure to noise. The Tripod Stand has the added benefit of versatility and adaptability; because of its ability to operate in low working areas.

The Tripod Stand was designed to be a dependable and consistent tool. Its unique design allows for a competitive selling price and an economical life cycle, which is an often overlooked facet of mining machinery.

The Tripod Stand is an investment that promises greater performance and financial yield, because of its multifaceted application and dependability.