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Key Features

List of key features of the BORWA U-STAND:

  • Performance
    Simple sliding design with a multi-stage air leg, for medium starting heights and maximum reach.
  • Efficiency
    No cable or belt system on the pusher leg means less downtime and maintenance required.
  • Cost effective
    Cost effective and easy to maintain and repair.
  • Safety
    Less nip points on the stand, and a lightweight design for easy repositioning between holes.
  • Noise mitigation
    Lower sound levels, as the stand is operated remotely.
  • Customisable
    Can be custom built to customer specifications.
  • Best application
    High hang wall areas, where bolting is particularly difficult.

Product Description

The U-Type Stand is a multifunctional and versatile bolting rig used for bolting in higher areas. Its lightweight construction makes it a safe and easy tool for the mine worker to operate. The design of the U-stand was intended to be a simple yet efficient alternative to the costly bolting rigs currently available. Many rigs in use have traditionally lacked dependability and long term financial viability; attributed mainly to their excessive down time and maintenance costs.

The U-stand has been specifically designed with high hang walls in mind; however it can also be used in medium areas. The U-shape tubular frame is strong and lightweight with a small footprint to make placement and positioning on uneven and rough footwall conditions quick and easy. It comes with either a single or double anchor leg system, which is dependent on the customer's requirements. It is fitted with large heavy duty wheels for ease of movement over rough terrain. This stand is suitable for areas that are between 2,5m and 5,0m in height.

Bolting has become a critical component of the mining process today, as it not only improves safety but also allows for increased productivity. The U-Type Rig increases the level of safety underground, with its easy-to-use remotely operated controls that allow the operator to drill from a safe distance, which reduces both the probability of an injury and the operator's exposure to noise. Unlike other stands this one has the added benefit of greater mobility. With two durable, large rubber wheels that make it easy to transport the rig from one section to another.

The U-Stand was designed to be a cost effective tool that not only increases operational efficiency but also limits down time. Its basic, yet unique design allows for a competitive selling price and an even greater cost effective life cycle, which is often an overlooked facet of mining machinery.

The U-Type Stand as an investment, promises performance and long term financial viability because of its dependability and easy-to-use design.